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How To Buy From Auction

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Advance Deposit to Bid

Make Advance Deposit to Bid for the vehicle you want to buy from the auction. Deposit will depend upon the price of the vehicle as mentioned below:
Car Price Desposit
Under JPY 1,000,000 JPY 100,000
JPY 1,010,000~1,500,000 JPY 200,000
JPY 1,510,000~2,000,000 JPY 300,000
Above JPY 2,010,000 JPY 500,000
This deposit is refundable anytime before the bidding is succeeded.
*Bank charges on both side will be deducted.
Note : To buy from any vehicle from auction, please send deposit US$1000.- before any bidding.
All payments to be made in our Japan Bank Account only.

Make Bid for your Preferred Car

Choose your required vehicle from our auction stock list and place the Bid using the Make Bid form. We will receive your bid request and will make the bid in the Auction on your behalf.

Successful bidding

If bid is won, we will send you the invoice.

Failed bidding

If bid is failed, we will return your deposit or you can use it for the next bid.
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Final Payment

You can transfer the balance amount within 3 days from receiving the invoice in our Japan Bank Account. Please provide us the Bank transfer slip as a proof of payment.

Shipment & Documentation

Once we confirm your payment in our Bank we will arrange for the vehicle shipment on the earliest schedule. Also your documents will be sent by courier after the vehicles is shipped.
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Stock Search

Receive your Vehicle

Once you receive the documents, you can collect and register the vehicle in your country. A clearing agent can help you to complete the procedure and give you an indication on the fee and taxes to be paid. Complete the procedures and enjoy your New Vehicle.